AsiaHaptics Society

This is a tentative page of AsiaHaptics Society (AHS), a cooperation hub of haptics research. AHS was launched by Asian academic societies, but the activity is not limited to Asian area. AHS is open to the world and welcomes participation of various types of organizations regardless of nationality.


AsiaHaptics society (AHS) was established in 2020 to facilitate communication and cooperation among researchers, developers, creators, system integrators, and users of haptics. The current primary function of AHS is to support international conferences as AsiaHaptics and World Haptics, by coordinating the co-sponsorship of the conferences.


AHS is a group of member-organizations (MO) including academic societies. AHS has a steering committee (SC) composed of the representatives of MO. The SC decides the host MO and its term. SC meeting is held regularly and discusses and decides the activities of AHS.

Participation in AHS

We always welcome the participation from every country of the world. Any academic societies that contribute to haptics can participate in AHS. The participation is approved by the SC.

Steering Committee

Biannual Meeting

AsiaHaptics is a new type of international conference, featuring interactive presentations with demos. Since the first AsiaHaptics has been held in Japan on 2014, and we continue experimenting our unique concept that the conference participants are considered to be subjects as well as presenters and audience; that is, the conference provides opportunities of haptics experiments with hundreds of potential subjects gathering as presenters and audience, which genuinely contributes to researches on site.